Trusted Advisor

A Trusted Advisor and/or Non-Executive Director will make a valuable contribution to the proper running of a company, bringing impartial and independent judgement to bear on issue of strategy, performance, and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct. 



A Trusted Advisor provides an outside perspective, challenges decisions, and holds stakeholders to account

A Trusted Advisor’s support and guidance gives business owners time to think and focus on what’s important

A Trusted Advisor can act as a mentor with a fresh perspective on how to deliver on your business strategy


Your ideal Trusted Advisor is someone who’s been there, done that, and got the relevant background to guide your business to thrive.

With over 35 years’ experience in buying, running, and selling businesses, I know what it’s like at the coal face without an outside counsel to call on when challenges arise.

Having faced – and overcome – the issues you encounter, I’m perfectly placed to provide strategic guidance and specialist advice when you need it most. You’ll also benefit from my 14 years’ experience coaching a wide range of business leaders.

Having a trusted business advisor alongside you in pure confidence can be invaluable. Getting a second opinion from an objective outsider is one of the best ways to plan for your company’s future.


Let’s speak – Book a call here for an informal chat. Within 10 minutes:

You’ll learn how my coaching will help you

I’ll understand what you are looking to achieve

We’ll discover if we’re a good fit & how to proceed


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