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  • I have a lot more time than I used to since working with James. I've now realised I've got great team members who can take control and get involved in the business; it has given me the opportunity to work on my business and not be so stuck in it.

    Wessex Country Gammons
  • Had we not taken the steps to take James on, we certainly wouldn't have grown the way we have done. Within 2 - 3 sessions we started to get some positive outcomes; the business will thrive through James' input. He's a very knowledgeable, pragmatic and very positive person.

    Such Salinger Peters
  • To anyone considering using James as your coach - you've got to give it a go! Once you've had one or two sessions with him you'll realise it's the way forward.

    LT Brookes
  • I'm a great believer in coaching and I'm a great believer in James. An external coach can offer you the one thing you can't do for yourself; to look at your world from the outside in. If you're considering hiring a coach I would highly recommend that you do so. James is a great guy, he is a man of integrity and a man of his word and I trust him 100%.

    Intergage Ltd
  • We didn't have any real structure or performance measurement before using James. Working with him has allowed us to put the proper processes in place; we grew the business by 30% last year as a result.

    Volsen Ltd
  • Before taking James on as our coach we were growing but it was a bit unorganised! Embarrassingly I didn't know much about KPIs before I met James. Our process is now more streamlined and focused, all in all, it's more enjoyable and we're getting the turnover we want and hitting targets a lot quicker.

    Haysom Interiors
  • James is part of my team; he's my confidant and knows everything about me and about the business. There's definitely a huge benefit of getting someone external to look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and from a different perspective.

  • The Operations Director and I were working 18 hour days to maintain the integrity of the business. Working with James I have reduced my hours to 10 hours a day, which to some may seem too many but to be frank in my position is actually very little!

    BIG Warranties
  • My initial thoughts were really positive; I felt like I could work together with James and drive the business forward. James is a great guy - it's hard work; it's challenging but he makes it fun and an enjoyable challenge!

    Composite Profiles
  • One of the things that is different about James is he has this life experience, he's actually had his own business-life; when he's worked with our clients he brings that experience into his coaching and it's that reality that works. That's why we feel so comfortable working alongside James.

    Inspire Accountants
  • Before I had James as a coach I was relatively new to the MD position. I needed to get an idea of how we could make the business grow. We started to make very positive changes to the operations of the business which has given me more confidence in what I'm doing.

    Ten 25 Software

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