Strategic Planning Days

In addition to coaching business leaders, there are a range of other areas where I can support you and your business depending on what you are trying to achieve. These are usually in the format of half or full day workshops either in person or over Zoom.

During this 3-hour session we’ll: 

  1. Get into the details on what it is that you want to achieve in the coming years, both in the business and personally; 
  2. Identify what you need to work on within the business to achieve those goals ;
  3. Use that to set a high-level long-term plan, a one-year plan, and the important activities that you will work on in the first 3 months ;
  4. Identify the changes you want to make to your working style, and the practical changes you want to make within the business to reach its potential, and ultimately make it independent of you;
  5. If you’d like regular support putting all of this into action and being held accountable for those actions, a 1:1 Business Coaching Programme might be for you.

Buying, selling or merging businesses can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the entrepreneur, but equally there are pitfalls to avoid. I have worked closely with many clients when buying or selling businesses

Great businesses always have a great culture, and responsibility for formulating and developing a great culture sits firmly at the door of the business leader. Extensive research has confirmed that engaged employees perform better, generate higher sales and are more innovative in the marketplace. They provide better customer service, endeavour to understand customers’ needs and are more proactive in taking opportunities for the benefit of your business.

One of the biggest factors in creating engaged employees is ensuring there is a strong, positive company culture at the heart of the business. I am passionate about helping my clients with this, and I work closely with them to achieve it. My clients have won national recognition for their achievements. 

To get you started, here, based on my experience as both a business owner and business coach, are seven ways in which you can introduce, shape, and promote, a winning company culture.

Your numbers tell you the story of your business.

Your cash forecast provides the roadmap for the next few months. 

Your finances are the fuel for your business growth.

Your financial knowledge empowers you to make good decisions.

Getting the right finance at the right time can be critical to the success of the business, I have successfully raised Venture Capital and other finance for my own businesses and with clients. From the very earliest internal discussions right through to the final negotiations, I will be there by your side to guide and counsel you on the best way forward. 

I can also help you get a benchmark of what your company is worth today if you’re looking to exit the business.

Every leader has weaknesses. As much as we’d like to be great at everything, nobody is perfect. Yet there are some leadership weak points that can’t be overlooked. Left unchecked they can undermine a leader’s effectiveness. 

The good news is that weaknesses aren’t set in stone. If we choose to face them head-on, they can be overcome.

Working with numerous leaders over the past 30 years, I’ve seen first-hand the most common leadership weaknesses. Building a strong leadership team is the essential element of scaling and ultimately exiting your business. Highly effective leadership teams don’t just happen, they are the result of hard work and focus.

I will guide and mentor you to learn and refine the skills you need to build the great team you and your business deserve. With the help of Wealth and Talent Dynamics, I help you create the right teams, recruit the right people and post them in the right positions. Identifying where team members are most gifted helps everyone thrive in roles they enjoy, builds team effectiveness, and accelerates powerful and sustainable organisational growth. 

Every board member, although they work together will exert their independence, and have different perspectives and preferences.

Developing a relationship with each member is critical, and so is speaking with each one before board meetings. You’ll want to be aware of their concerns to head off issues, or at least be prepared when the topic comes up.

Shareholder disputes have many causes, but all have the potential to break successful businesses or relationships – particularly family businesses.

I am experienced in mediating and successfully resolving these situations, an impartial outside perspective and occasional plain speaking can go a long way to bringing parties together. 


“James never followed the traditional path, he’s carved his own route.”

“James has a great energy and enthusiasm and enjoys an intellectual tussle.”

“James is persistent, disciplined and tenacious – all delivered with a smile.”

“His unwillingness to be constrained by rules and expectations gives me confidence that he will make us think differently.”

“James has high expectations of himself and his clients. I want to do well for myself but I want to do well for James.”

He knows what it means to carry the weight of being a business owner.”


Let’s speak – Book a call here for an informal chat. Within 10 minutes:

You’ll learn how my coaching will help you

I’ll understand what you are looking to achieve

We’ll discover if we’re a good fit & how to proceed


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