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Business doesn’t get easier – you get better at business

Maybe you have reached a certain point in your knowledge or have just taken that next step in your career to leading a business? The business cannot get better if you don’t improve and grow yourself?

James will support you as your trusted advisor and business guide, helping you step back, see the bigger picture and become your navigator; keeping you very much in the driving seat.


Whether a senior leader, entrepreneur or owner, running a business can be a lonely place with  potential shareholders to satisfy, a board to keep on side and management to lead and inspire. James has first-hand experience of how challenging and isolating this can be, with no-one to lean on for impartial advice or just bounce ideas off. 

With over 30 years of running his own successful businesses he can draw on his wealth of knowledge, professional expertise and personal experience with similar circumstances, having personally tried and tested ‘what not to do’ on a number of occasions!

Delivering ROI

Having a Trusted Business Advisor isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity your business must have if you’re to experience significant and sustainable growth. James will work hard with you to give you an advantage over your competitor, to deliver a positive ROI for your business.

Our gross profit increased by 53% and our business value grew by 83% – working with James was one of the best decisions we ever made

John Wright Owner Country Lodge

James will provide you with:

  • Clarity

    Helping you see the bigger picture keeping you focused on the game and the end goal!

  • Focus

    Enabling you to work ON the business, not just IN the business, enabling you to be forward-thinking

  • Action

    Identifying the key actions needed to achieve the greatest difference, not just the easy ones!

  • Accountability

    Ensuring you do what you say you will

Proven Results

Within 2 – 3 sessions we started to get some positive outcomes; the business will thrive through James’ input. He’s a very knowledgeable, pragmatic and very positive person

Jim Peters Such Salinger Peters

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