Making an Impact

GLOBAL IMPACT – Making a Difference

In Autumn 2020 I partnered with global charity Buy1Give1 to become part of a global network of purpose-driven businesses.

Now every time a client does business with me, something great happens in the world.

I believe that every business has the power to change lives and be a force for good through everyday business activities. Find out how to become a business for good here.

Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations meaning everyday business transactions have a positive impact on those in need.

Since joining, I have donated 1% of my business revenue (not just profit!) each month to carefully selected high impact projects across the globe that matter to me.

I feel privileged to be able to live, work and play in one of the most beautiful and prosperous regions in the UK. On our doorstep we can enjoy any number of lifestyle choices, safe in our communities and confident our kids are healthy and safe. Given this privilege, it feels right to play a part in bringing basics such as clean drinking water, sustenance, education and hope to people around the world.

Your habits continue to make a real difference…

Email from PAUL DUNN | Co-Founder of B1G1:

Hello James,

Two days ago I went through my ‘beginning of month’ ritual. It’s where I look at ALL of the B1G1 members who created lots of impacts in the month. And you were there ……. AGAIN.

Your habits continue to make a real difference. THANK YOU.
But it’s more than that isn’t it? It’s not your habits …… it’s YOU!
With that in mind, just know that you inspire every single one of us here.
You help us become better too. We’re deeply grateful.

Make this up-coming week a wonderful one.
And, of course, keep on creating impacts that create amazing things.

All the best, Paul

Conversation with B1G1 Founder, Paul Dunn


Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa

Providing meals for girls rescued from sex trafficking

Improving career opportunities through bookkeeping skills and English classes

Delivering high quality education

Together, we can make an impact where it really counts.

My goal is to help educate underprivileged children, provide business training and micro loans to help adults out of the cycle of poverty, and support social entrepreneurs. I have set myself a target of 100,000 giving impacts – come and join me in achieving this.

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