In a Forbes report on How Business Coaching Actually Helps Leaders, 86% of respondents reported that the financial benefits of having a business coach far exceeded the investment they made and 70% saw improvements in work performance and communication skills. Business leaders also attributed an increase in their self-awareness and confidence paired with help to set and achieve goals, a business coach really helped them to achieve getting what they wanted!

Business owners and leaders hire a business coach for a wide range of reasons; 48% to facilitate a business transition, 26% to act as a sounding board and 12% to address problems derailing the company. Maybe your business is just starting out and needs help moving in the right direction? Or maybe your brand is established but has hit a plateau? Perhaps you’re losing staff – or customers – and you can’t figure out why? Or maybe your market is evolving, and you need help keeping ahead of the changes? As your business coach, I will be by your side to help you address any challenge you’re facing.  

I have owned and run 7 businesses and spent the last 14 years coaching business leaders like yourself in widely differing sectors. I am comfortable working in different marketplaces, and this knowledge allows me to cross-pollinate between sectors.

Regardless of size, industry, or value, 70% of businesses face the same challenges based on common themes and activities: customers, marketing, sales, staff, financials, leadership and management, strategic planning etc. and it’s my role to coach, challenge, guide and educate you in these and many other areas.

I will bring sophisticated and proven systems with a comprehensive framework to provide hundreds of profit-building strategies, right across every area of your business. You’ll soon see how powerful these systematised approaches are. Together we can apply these systems to make your business more effective.

We’ll work out the most appropriate way forward for your business to achieve the goals and challenges you are committed to.

Very little in life is guaranteed. I will back myself and my coaching by guaranteeing to deliver you improved financial results that far outweigh your investment in me. Remember to ask me more about this when we meet.

Remember, though I am still your business coach … and I can’t do your work for you. You are still the player, and it will always be up to you to take the field. I will push you, cajole you, help you, be there for you, and even do some things with you … but in the end, you’ve still got to do the work.

Ultimately, only YOU can ever be truly accountable and responsible for your own success.

I will also provide the best service and support available, to answer your questions and challenges promptly with the most current and appropriate processes and approaches. And last, but not least, I’m fully committed to helping you become successful, whether you like it at the time, or not!

The first few months working together will be challenging, not because of extra work, but because of new tasks and the changes that we will introduce. I’ll show you how on a day-to-day basis to get more done with less effort. 

After those first few months, you’ll find you’re not working more, just differently. Then, depending of course on your goals, between months 3 and 6, you’ll begin to see the results of all your effort. It’s important to remember that it’s about changing what you do with your time … not putting in more of it.

  • The secret to getting the most from coaching is to make consistent incremental progress across a broad range of key areas. I have three Business Coaching Programmes available (as well as various Strategic Planning Days:

  • GROWTH PROGRAMME: 12 x 120-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per year £1395 + VAT per month
  • ACCELERATE PROGRAMME: 22 x 75-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per year £1895 + VAT per month
  • INTENSIVE PROGRAMME: 44 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per year £3495 + VAT per month
  • Unlimited contact with James during business hours, within reason
  • Access to the CEO Community
  • Clearly defined post session actions to keep you on track
  • Access to a comprehensive library of coaching tools and templates (which you can also take away to share with your team) to ensure you implement effectively and efficiently. Access is via your dedicated SharePoint Client portal. Multi-factor authentication is enabled on the portals for your added security
  • Complimentary book each month
  • Wealth Dynamics profile (and access to reduced rate Talent Dynamics tokens to use when assessing team personalities and/or when hiring new team members)

Yes, I can. I believe that providing training is as important as coaching you.

I can provide you with many different training modules, which include team-building, overcoming obstacles, managing change, sales made simple, telephone power, raving fans customer services training, and more. You will be amazed at how much enthusiasm and commitment comes from your team as they experience each training program.

I can also provide sophisticated profiling, testing and evaluation to help you gain perspective on opportunities for team development, hiring, discovering individual strengths, and more. I am an accredited practitioner for the highly effective Wealth & Talent Dynamics programs and all my clients experience this program.

Coaching can take place anywhere and it is really about what works best for you. I have clients that are geographically local to me in Dorset, and I have clients right across the UK; and others on the far side of the world. Your location is not an issue and does not impact the coaching or your progress.

We will agree together what works best for you. Typically, meetings with my local clients are a hybrid of in-person and/or Zoom. Face to face meetings are generally at my office in Canford Cliffs, Poole, or on occasion elsewhere. I hold walking meetings on the beach – a great place to think, and have even had coaching sessions while paddle-boarding! 

Long-distance UK and international clients are coached via Zoom sessions – these are highly focused and work very well.

Simply book a call where we can briefly talk about your business and get a feel for what kind of coaching you and your business require. If we agree that coaching could work for you we’ll schedule a 90 minute Discovery session where we will explore the challenges and opportunities within your business. To help you focus your thoughts and to make the most of our time together I will get you to complete a short questionnaire prior to us meeting. The call and the Discovery session are very much ‘get to know each other’ sessions as coaching can only work when there is a personal chemistry, there is no fee.

If we agree to work together there is some simple paperwork and we can then get started.

You’ll then have to invest a few hours in the ‘Alignment’ session bringing me up to speed on your business. Together we’ll create a strategic plan and that’s when the work starts. It may seem like a big job at first, but with a coach, you’re sharing the load and together we’ll accomplish great things.


“Taking me off the driving seat and giving me more leisure time”

“Reinforced my ambition to better myself and the business”

“Understand and measure the business, seeing the steps needed to get from where we are now to where we want to be”

“Starting to tackle dead wood and refocus the business”

“We are now going down a path which I didn’t think was possible”


Let’s speak – Book a call here for an informal chat. Within 10 minutes:

You’ll learn how my coaching will help you

I’ll understand what you are looking to achieve

We’ll discover if we’re a good fit & how to proceed

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