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Here’s a thought: Is technology aiding or hindering your business?

I recently came across an interesting article from Opportunity which states “on a scale of 1 to 10 the average professional rated themselves as having a 6.26 level of addiction to their phone”, with the age group most addicted to their phones as the 35-49 year-olds – probably not the age group we would expect! Every client I work

When should you plan your working day?

How do you start your working day? Most people don’t plan their time at all, however many of those that do will start the day by writing their ‘to-do’ list. A better idea and a good tip to help you keep you focused is to plan tomorrow at the end each day instead and to make it

The 2 Most Underrated Words In Business – Test and Measure

A good entrepreneur will have no trouble working out how to build a product that will sell. A great entrepreneur will even be able to target their customers with precision. But what sets a truly successful business-person apart from the others is their ability to test and measure everything that their business does. It almost

The Hidden Benefits Of The DISC Analysis For Business Owners

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new tools and techniques to help us grow and improve our craft. Whether that’s a new training programme to undertake or a new article to read, owning a business is a constant learning and improvement process. One of the tools I believe isn’t used nearly

How to conduct your mid-year sales review

As we enter into May, now is the perfect time to take a moment to really look at how your business is performing and how you can improve in the next quarter. A lot of businesses aren’t sure how to perform a mid-year sales review, or what to do with the information once it is

The Importance Of Setting Goals – And Following Through

Goals are powerful. They can focus your attention on achieving desirable outcomes and dramatically improve the performance of your business. Over 80% of businesses don’t keep track of their business goals or measure their success against their projections. But business goals matter. They help ensure a company understand the necessary steps to get where they

Why working with a Business Coach will accelerate your growth

As a business owner, you’re used to solving problems. You do it every day, over and over to make your business better. But just because you do it all the time doesn’t mean you don’t need a little help now and again; a different perspective, a fresh set of eyes, a new approach. That’s where

Do you really know who your customers are?

I wrote an article recently about understanding who your customers really are to ensure you could sell to them better. Although a vital first step on the road to growing your business without increasing expenditure, sadly, knowing the answer to this won’t solve all of your problems overnight. Instead, now that you know who your customers

Words have power

There is no force out there quite as powerful as words. And while you might think that hurricanes or forest fires and tsunamis are much more powerful, none of them has quite as much impact on us and the way we go about our lives as words. Words have started world-wide wars and ended them

Who are your customers?

This is the question. The big one. The one that often elicits a rather stunned response when I ask business owners ‘do you know your customers?’ No matter what business you’re in or how big you are, it’s really important to understand who your customers are, and who you would like them to be. Just