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Business coaching is a structured process used to guide a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. An experienced business coach will provide you with a fresh perspective and a clear roadmap to accelerating business success and unlock your potential to achieve personal freedom.

Having built and run 7 successful businesses over 30 years I know exactly what it feels like to be in your position. My own experience as a business leader combined with over 10,000 hours of coaching has enabled me to develop my proven Success Framework. My Success Framework will help you avoid costly mistakes and will take you on a structured journey towards creating a business that is more successful and less dependent on you. Leaving you more time to spend with family and doing the things you love. 


How James works with you through the four step process to Business Success and Personal Freedom

My 1:1 CEO Coaching programme follows my structured Success Framework to help you unlock business growth and personal freedom. Sessions take place in person or virtually at regular intervals.

My 1:1 CEO Coaching programme is perfect for you if…

  • You are the business owner, leader or in a C-Suite role within your company 
  • Your business turnover is £2m+ and has 10+ employees 
  • You’re focused on achieving results and are committed to the journey 
  • You’re really committed to making a real, long-term change in your business 
  • Structured 1:1 coaching sessions at regular intervals following my Success Framework. As your Trusted Advisor, I’ll guide and support you along the journey 
  • Access to my library of tools and resources to take away and share with your team 
  • Complimentary book each month 
  • Clearly defined post session actions to keep you on track 
  • Full accountability and ad hoc support in between sessions (via phone/email) 
  • 2-hour strategic alignment session & report every 6 months 
  • Access to my CEO Community 
  • Access to reduced rate Wealth & Talent Dynamics tokens to use when assessing team personalities and/or when hiring new team members 
  • Reignited energy and passion for your business 
  • The guesswork will be removed and your path to success will be accelerated 
  • A business that ultimately works without you, leaving you more time to focus on growth, a succession plan or an exit 
  • A better work life balance with more time to put yourself first and enjoy the results of all your hard work 
  • A team that is empowered to deliver results and motivated to work hard so you don’t have to  


Let’s speak

  1. Book a call here for an informal chat. Within 10 minutes:
  2. You’ll learn how my coaching will help you
  3. I’ll understand what you are looking to achieve
  4. We’ll discover if we’re a good fit & how to proceed

Strategy Session

Following completion of my short Strategy Session Questionnaire we will spend 90 mins diving deeper into the workings of your business to identify areas of opportunity, talk through my Success Framework and find the right approach for you.

The Journey Begins

We’ll work together to accelerate your business’ growth and achieve the personal freedom you crave through regular sessions. After each session you’ll have bite-sized, manageable actions to takeaway and implement.

Moving forwards you’ll have a clear roadmap for success and reignited energy. But most importantly, you’ll have a business that is less dependent on you, leaving you the space for that all important personal freedom.


“Hiring James has changed my life, it has changed the company and our future”

– Karina Grassy | Slumbersac Ltd

“Before James I was too busy to implement my vision as I was working IN the business and not ON it.”

– Adam Brookes | Brookes Ltd

“If you are looking for practical help and advice and are prepared to be held to account then I would highly recommend the services of James. Whether for a ‘reason’, a ‘season’ or ‘life’.”

– Vicky McNicholas | Helen Browning’s Organic

His insights into business and his position as independent “confidante” to a CEO has been really helpful to assist in our business growth, and also to sound out ideas and concepts before sharing with the wider team.”

– Phil Whitehurst | Actisense

“Coaching has really helped me focus on achieving a work life balance and also a key balance within the business so I’m working on it and not in it and doing more of what I love and that I’m good at.”

As a company we saw growth of over 46% in the first 3 months of working with James which is just simply outstanding.”

– Ben Rolfe | Childcare Marketing

“If you think there is a diamond hidden in your business, James may well be able to work with you to unearth it.”

– Ian Oldrey | Ten-25 Software Ltd

You have to get dirty and right into the smallest detail of the mechanics of your business, that in turn drives efficiencies and improves your margin. This can sometimes draw you out of your comfort zone but having James alongside us, he gives you the confidence to push yourself and achieve things that we couldn’t have done without him.”

– Alistair Wallace | BKB Accountants

“Within 2 – 3 sessions we started to get some positive outcomes; the business will thrive through James’ input.”

– Jim Peters | Such Salinger Peters LLP

Our gross profit increased by 53% and our business value grew by 83% – working with James was the best decision we ever made.”

– John Wright | Country Lodge


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