Start Your Day With A Plan

How often do you start the day without a plan? Hopefully, not too often.

Most people don’t plan their time at all, however many of those that do will start the day by writing their ‘to-do’ list.

A better idea and a good tip to help you keep you focused is to plan tomorrow at the end each day instead and to make it a habit. By planning your day in advance, not only are the tasks fresh in your mind but the jobs you need to tackle first thing won’t seem so daunting.

Many of us find it hard to ‘switch off’ and to leave work behind when we walk in the door at the end of the day – it’s very common. We find ourselves worrying about the tasks we didn’t get done or the jobs that still aren’t finished. By reserving fifteen minutes at the end of the day to write your plan for tomorrow, you allow your conscious mind to relax. Your worries will stop nagging at you and you can wind down to enjoy your evening.

Also, your subconscious mind will automatically get to work on the tasks you’ve written down for tomorrow. If you’re new to the study of ‘the subconscious’, this may sound a little odd – trust me, just try it.

When you start work the next day, everything just feels a bit calmer and your mind is already focused on the tasks at hand. It can help motivate you to know what you need to do, by having a ready-to-action plan and process in place. Sure, the plan may change throughout the day, but at least you’re just dealing with changes, not the plan as a whole – it’ll make it much easier to accommodate those tasks that just ‘pop-up’.

If you manage a team of people, help them to make it a habit too. Not only will it help the team become more productive as a whole, it creates a great culture!

Are you a compulsive planner or is making a daily plan a struggle?

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