Unleash Your Business Potential

The solution to unlocking a pathway to business growth could be closer to home than you think.

Sourcing new talent from outside your company is both expensive and time-consuming. Plus, there’s also the risk that the new hire might not align with your company culture.  

A less costly and time-intensive alternative is to uncover the tools and people within your business that could add another string to your bow. For example:

  • People: What unutilised skills do your staff have that could add value to your customers? For example, discovering someone is bilingual could open your business up to a whole new market
  • Tools: What equipment and resources do you already own that could be repurposed to provide another service to your customers?

Building from within will also help you to retain talent as it offers your existing team opportunities to advance their career.

Despite this, the majority of UK employers are failing to get the most out of their employees’ skill sets. A survey by the Association of Project Management (APM) found that three in ten employees had ‘secret skills’ they don’t use at work as they’re not in their job description. That’s a lot of potential talent going to waste.

Yet, having a blind spot that stops us from noticing what’s around us is more common than you think. To test your ability to spot what is hidden in plain sight, watch this short selective attention test, which has become one of the best-known experiments in psychology. It’s very eye-opening!


Here are some of the ways in which you can change your mindset, spot the hidden gems right in front of you, and empower your employees to unleash their potential.


How well do you really know your team? Sure, you hired them based on their suitability for their roles, but what hidden strengths do they possess unrelated to their job specifications?

Take the time to get to know your employees as individuals by working alongside them and encouraging them to complete surveys or personality tests that highlight their broader skill sets. 

Discovering what they enjoy doing or what their dream role is (as opposed to what you pay them to do) could open new opportunities within the company that lets your business thrive and their career prospects blossom. So, it’s a win-win.


We’re creatures of habit and tend to do the same things every day. So, take a conscious break from your routine, go away and do something different, and you’ll return revitalised and with fresh eyes.

Changing your routine also applies when making business decisions. Rather than default to your go-to people when projects and tasks arise, give someone else the opportunity to take the lead. If they thrive, you’ve just unlocked their hidden potential. If they’re not a great fit, you’ve identified an opportunity for professional development. 

Either way, you will gain different perspectives and could generate successful outcomes.


The majority of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programmes and 75% of executives list their mentors as one of the secrets to their success.

So, cultivating mentorship opportunities within your business will help to nurture your people’s potential and maximise your in-house talent. It’s also an effective retention tool and a great way to spot potential future leaders.

As well as taking on mentees yourself, you can also strategically match-make employees that you feel would benefit from working and training together.


“People with highly transferable skills may be specialists in certain areas, but they’re also incredible generalists something businesses that want to grow need.” Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit

Transferable skills are abilities that can be applied to a diverse range of roles. For example, a highly skilled communicator currently working in customer service could use their communication skills as part of the public relations team to help to spread the brand messaging to the press.

Thinking outside the box about people’s talents can help you to harness their full potential and free them from getting pigeonholed at work. 


I first came across the Wealth Dynamics personality test profiling tool about 10 years ago. 

For individuals, it will clarify their talents and uncover their pathway to achieving their potential. For businesses, it empowers you to adapt working practices to play to everyone’s natural strengths.

When I did it, it was like someone had been inside my head. It revealed exactly what makes me tick. I’ve since trained to be an accredited practitioner and have done it for hundreds of clients. I’ve never had someone tell me that it wasn’t spot on.

You can find out more about uncovering your team’s flow here.

Need help spotting opportunities within your business that are flying under the radar? 

I have an eye for spotting business potential whether it’s observing your equipment during an on-site visit or by spending time with your key people. To find out more, get in touch today.

Together, who knows what hidden talent we’ll uncover within your business.

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