5 Powerful Ways To Lead Your Team to Greatness

“The single biggest way to impact an organisation is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organisation that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and continually develops them.” John Maxwell

My experience as an entrepreneur and leadership coach backs up John Maxwell’s wise words. Leadership is the focal point of all business success…and failure. Whilst anyone can become a leader, very few become great leaders. 

Having witnessed the key attributes, qualities, and styles of how to be a CEO, my message to clients looking to develop leadership skills is to never stop growing and developing. But more than that, I tell them how. And today, I’m sharing that knowledge with you. 

So, whether you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder or are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, here are five ways to lead your team to greatness. 

1. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do

Great leaders stand up for what they believe in. They never compromise their honesty and integrity by cheating. The best leaders embody their company’s true values and culture through their words, actions, decisions, and methodologies, which builds a great reputation.  In other words, they represent the perfect role model for their team.

That’s why, for me as a coach for CEOs, honesty and integrity are the most important qualities of great leadership in business. Taking the time to cultivate trust and positive standards amongst your team by standing up for what you believe in and honouring the company values will help to create a healthy culture of mutual respect, which is vital when the going gets tough.

2. Focus on getting the job done

“Leaders are innovative, entrepreneurial, and future-orientated. They focus on getting the job done”. Brian Tracy

Focused leaders are in tune with how they feel, have great self-awareness, and understand how others see them. This allows them to manage their impulses, tune out distractions, and get the job done.

Another leadership must-have is strategic planning. Your ability to look forward, anticipate change, and keep your finger on the pulse will let you create a clear roadmap for your team to navigate whatever lies ahead.

A key part of strategic planning is to populate your team with smart people, give them clear guidance, and empower them to make decisions to execute the plan without you having to micromanage them.

3. Believe in an ambitious vision

Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” Walt Disney

Good business leaders have a clear vision and can imagine a future we have yet to see. They also share a dream that others want to follow. One of the best examples of this is Jeff Bezos, whose e-commerce book store, Amazon, has since grown into a marketplace behemoth with a net worth (as of 2 September 2022) of $1299bn.

Of course, having a bold vision of the future isn’t enough. Leaders must also have the courage to face their fears and take risks. As Nelson Mandela said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” 

As with showing honesty and integrity, being a fearless visionary will inspire those around you to also reach for the stars as they’ll understand what the end goal is. Leading your team towards a clear and compelling vision will encourage them to work together towards a common goal – and take chances to achieve mutual success.

4. Show empathy and your human side

A major component of building trust and respect with your team is to show that you empathise with their needs, feelings, challenges, issues, and experiences. Doing so lets you provide them with the support they need to get the job done, strengthens your relationship, and boosts employee loyalty.

Another fundamental leadership skill is humility. It’s ok to admit you don’t have all the answers. It’s fine to recognise your own weaknesses. And it’s vital you speak up when you are wrong. Exhibiting these traits helps your team feel valued and highlights the benefits of collaborative thinking.

5. Cooperation equals success

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping it together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

Great teams feel that they belong. Fostering a culture where everyone works and pulls together is essential to your success. Being open with information, recognising employee contributions, and ensuring everyone has a voice will help create a cooperative environment.

You can empower and encourage your team to develop as leaders themselves by leading by example and giving them opportunities to grow within the company. They’ll feel more relaxed, truly involved, and have a sense of belonging.  

As Simon Sinek once said, “Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.”

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