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Business coaching is a structured process used to guide a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be.

An experienced business coach will provide you with a fresh perspective and a clear roadmap to accelerating business success and unlock your potential to achieve personal freedom.


Having built and run 7 successful businesses over 30 years I know exactly what it feels like to be in your position. 

My own experience as a business leader combined with over 10,000 hours of coaching has enabled me to develop my proven Success Framework.

My Success Framework will help you avoid costly mistakes and will take you on a structured journey towards creating a business that is more successful and less dependent on you.

Leaving you more time to spend with family and doing the things you love. 


As an ambitious, successful business leader you’ve already achieved a great deal, but now it’s time to take your business to the next level. 

I have developed 3 bespoke programmes that follow my Success Framework and are tailored to your individual needs, guiding you towards business success and personal freedom.

Introductory Programme

6 week strategic planning programme

This structured programme provides an invaluable external view to help develop a long-term road map for you and your business, setting you up for the ‘best year ever’.

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1:1 CEO Coaching

Ongoing 1:1 coaching

My 1:1 CEO Coaching programme follows my structured Success Framework to help you unlock business growth and personal freedom.

Sessions take place in person or virtually 2-4 times per month.

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1:1 CEO Coaching Plus

Ongoing 1:1 coaching for £5m+ businesses

My annual 1:1 CEO Coaching Plus programme is a highly structured planning and execution system for businesses of £5m – £50m. It’s designed for business owners who are serious about achieving exceptional goals and growth, and developing their teams to grow beyond the ‘entrepreneurial’ management style.

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Structure & Goals

Build a clear road map that guides you towards realising personal and financial freedom.

Effective Leadership

Develop your leadership skills to help you create a business that is less dependent on you leaving you more time to focus on strategy and growth.

Accelerate Growth

Avoid costly mistakes, wasted time and grow your business more effectively and efficiently.

Improved Culture

Create a growth culture, foster employee leadership and retain your high-performers.

Business Owner Freedom

Achieve a better work life balance with more time to put yourself first, and enjoy the results of all your hard work.

Thrive in Hard Times

Find reignited energy and passion for your business and discover more opportunities than you ever thought possible.


“My time spent with James has given me proactive guidance and support to set both personal goals and business goals that are delivering real growth and positive impact with my customers”

– Jeremy Shakerley | UKSV

“James marries the business acumen needed with the development and growth of me as a leader.”

– Tracie Coultas-Pitman | Beyond Autism

“Having worked with James through some very challenging times in 2020, I can safely say that without his guidance and input, we would not be where we are today”

– Luke Piper | BKB Accountants

He provides a great sounding board and offers excellent advice and perspective, which has helped me make better decisions, especially during stressful times.”

– Steve Hudson | Curvy Kate

“Working alongside James has given me the confidence in the decisions I have made, avoided some costly pitfalls and identified the best ways to develop myself and my business.”

– Ian Oldrey | Ten-25 Software

“Taking me off the driving seat and giving me more leisure time”

“Reinforced my ambition to better myself and the business”

“Understand and measure the business, seeing the steps needed to get from where we are now to where we want to be”

“Starting to tackle dead wood and refocus the business”

“We are now going down a path which I didn’t think was possible”

“I’ve been able to think more about what the direction of travel is for the business, where it’s going to, what we should be doing”

– Brian Parker| Britannia Parking

“James asks you difficult questions to challenge you and gives an external perspective. James has helped grow my business.”

– Simon Mayne | SDM Fuel Solutions

“James has made a huge difference to our overall business. He has enabled the business to focus on elements that made the biggest impact.”

“You always think you know everything, especially being the business owner and that’s quite a dangerous attribute. Having somebody look at the business and give you that outside point of view gives you a lot of value”

– Alex Skan | Void Acoustics

“After the initial work with James, our relationship very much shifted to one of mentoring where he acted more like a non-executive director.” – Cheryl Hadland | Hadland Care Group “James has made a huge difference to our overall business. He has enabled the business to focus on elements that made the biggest impact.”

“James never followed the traditional path, he’s carved his own route.”

“James has a great energy and enthusiasm and enjoys an intellectual tussle.”

“James is persistent, disciplined and tenacious – all delivered with a smile.”

“His unwillingness to be constrained by rules and expectations gives me confidence that he will make us think differently.”

“James has high expectations of himself and his clients. I want to do well for myself but I want to do well for James.”

He knows what it means to carry the weight of being a business owner.”

“One of the things we were really keen to do is pass down the roles and responsibilities to other people, empowering them to take their own decisions.”

– Mark Norton | Composite

“Working with James has built my confidence, allowed me to help develop the team and we’ve got business from it and grown.”

– Jeremy Shakerley | UKSV

“It’s really about giving empowerment to the team and getting them to develop and take those chances and opportunities”

– Alex Skan | Void Acoustics

“James has helped us transform not only the way we do things but also how we think. Our sessions have been invaluable, inspiring, and thought provoking; he has pushed us beyond what we thought possible helping us as a team take stock and realign against the bigger picture.”

“Hiring James has changed my life, it has changed the company and our future”

– Karina Grassy | Slumbersac Ltd

“Before James I was too busy to implement my vision as I was working IN the business and not ON it.”

– Adam Brookes | Brookes Ltd

“If you are looking for practical help and advice and are prepared to be held to account then I would highly recommend the services of James. Whether for a ‘reason’, a ‘season’ or ‘life’.”

– Vicky McNicholas | Helen Browning’s Organic

His insights into business and his position as independent “confidante” to a CEO has been really helpful to assist in our business growth, and also to sound out ideas and concepts before sharing with the wider team.”

– Phil Whitehurst | Actisense

“Coaching has really helped me focus on achieving a work life balance and also a key balance within the business so I’m working on it and not in it and doing more of what I love and that I’m good at.”

As a company we saw growth of over 46% in the first 3 months of working with James which is just simply outstanding.”

– Ben Rolfe | Childcare Marketing

“If you think there is a diamond hidden in your business, James may well be able to work with you to unearth it.”

– Ian Oldrey | Ten-25 Software Ltd

You have to get dirty and right into the smallest detail of the mechanics of your business, that in turn drives efficiencies and improves your margin. This can sometimes draw you out of your comfort zone but having James alongside us, he gives you the confidence to push yourself and achieve things that we couldn’t have done without him.”

– Alistair Wallace | BKB Accountants

“Within 2 – 3 sessions we started to get some positive outcomes; the business will thrive through James’ input.”

– Jim Peters | Such Salinger Peters LLP

Our gross profit increased by 53% and our business value grew by 83% – working with James was the best decision we ever made.”

– John Wright | Country Lodge

“At the time we considered coaching expensive but now I see how expensive it would have been not to have had it.”

– Richard Isaacs | Wessex Country Gammons Ltd

“I can honestly say it is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

– Sam Haysom | Haysoms

“We see James as a third director to our business and his coaching has meant the firm has now doubled in size.”

– Paula Hebberd | Woodstock Legal Services

“Many thanks for your help nudging us in the right direction, some of the changes you prompted us to make made all the difference to the outcome.”

– Aaron Gigg | Solentim

“I am certain we would not be doing as well as we are now if it weren’t for James’s mentoring.”

– James Dashwood | Crest Pumps

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