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One-to-one business coaching

One-to-one business coaching

I am passionate about business which drives me to help others succeed. I work very closely on a one-to-one basis with business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and increase their profits, free up more time in their lives and empower their teams to deliver better results and enjoy the process.

My passion for helping others in business is what drives me to coach them to achieve what they want in their business, my coaching and support is built on my own experience, and in addition I’ll draw on a vast range of proven tactics and strategies to help your business grow and give you the results you desire.

My coaching programs can vary from weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching.

One-to-one with the business owner to help identify and work through opportunities or issues in your business to make it grow and you give the results you are looking for.

Take action in achieving your goal and contact me today for a complimentary coaching session.

James Akin SmithOne-to-one business coaching