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Business coaching – are there any guarantees?

Business coaching – are there any guarantees?

Very little in life is guaranteed. I will back myself and my coaching by guaranteeing to deliver you improved financial results that far outweigh your investment in me. Remember to ask me more about this when we meet.

Remember, though I am still your Business Coach … and I can’t do your work for you. You´re still the player, and it will always be up to you to take the field. I will push you, cajole you, help you, be there for you, and even do some things with you … but in the end, you’ve still got to do the work.

Ultimately, only YOU can ever be truly accountable and responsible for your own success.

I will also provide the best service and support available, to answer your questions and challenges promptly with the most current and appropriate processes and approaches. And last, but not least, I’m fully committed to helping you become successful, whether you like it at the time, or not!

Once I’ve helped you set your goals and create your plan, I´ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you stretch, and strive with all your might to achieve those goals.

At the same time, I’ll be sure to promote balanced living as an overriding theme in all we do. This is to ensure you never compromise either the long-term health and success of your company or yourself. Most importantly, your personal values, and what´s important to you won´t be compromised.

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James Akin SmithBusiness coaching – are there any guarantees?