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How can I be sure Business Coaching is for me?

How can I be sure Business Coaching is for me?

“Everybody needs a coach, a coach really, really helps.”

– The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt

I have owned and run 6 businesses in widely differing sectors. I am comfortable working in different marketplaces, and this knowledge allows me to cross-pollinate between sectors.

However, it’s important to understand that I am not there to run your business for you, and you will always know more than me about the minutiae of your business; for example “which widget machine should I buy?”.

At the same time, every business is based on common themes and activities; customers, marketing, sales, staff, financials, leadership and management, strategic planning, etc, and it’s my role to coach, challenge, guide and educate you in these and many other areas.

I will bring sophisticated and proven systems to provide hundreds of profit-building strategies, right across every area of your business. You’ll soon see how powerful these systematised approaches are. Together we can apply these systems to make your business more effective.

We’ll work out the most appropriate way forward for your business to achieve the goals and challenges you are committed to. You’ll find that it’s just like having a marketing manager, sales team leader, trainer, recruitment specialist, and a corporate consultant, all for one nominal investment.

I am a part of the ActionCOACH business coaching community, we are over 1000 independent coaches in more than 40 countries – the largest network in the world. Between us, we have seen and dealt with pretty much every business challenge that you care to name.

Everything you do with me is an investment in your future. Not only will you begin to create great results in your business, but you’ll end up with both an entrepreneurial education second to none, and the knowledge that you can repeat your business success over and over again in other ventures.

For more information go to: Working with a Business Coach

James Akin SmithHow can I be sure Business Coaching is for me?