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Business Coaching

Everybody needs a coach, a coach really, really helps.

The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt

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What James Does

I will bring clarity and focus, with a fresh perspective to support you and your business to grow and succeed beyond your expectations.

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James’ Clients

James challenges us to think differently, asks thought-provoking questions and offers very honest feedback.


  • I have a lot more time than I used to since working with James. I've now realised I've got great team members who can take control and get involved in the business; it has given me the opportunity to work on my business and not be so stuck in it.

    Wessex Country Gammons
  • One of the things that is different about James is he has this life experience, he's actually had his own business-life; when he's worked with our clients he brings that experience into his coaching and it's that reality that works. That's why we feel so comfortable working alongside James.

    Inspire Accountants
  • My initial thoughts were really positive; I felt like I could work together with James and drive the business forward. James is a great guy - it's hard work; it's challenging but he makes it fun and an enjoyable challenge!

    Composite Profiles
  • The Operations Director and I were working 18 hour days to maintain the integrity of the business. Working with James I have reduced my hours to 10 hours a day, which to some may seem too many but to be frank in my position is actually very little!

    BIG Warranties
  • James is part of my team; he's my confidant and knows everything about me and about the business. There's definitely a huge benefit of getting someone external to look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and from a different perspective.

  • Before taking James on as our coach we were growing but it was a bit unorganised! Embarrassingly I didn't know much about KPIs before I met James. Our process is now more streamlined and focused, all in all, it's more enjoyable and we're getting the turnover we want and hitting targets a lot quicker.

    Haysom Interiors
  • We didn't have any real structure or performance measurement before using James. Working with him has allowed us to put the proper processes in place; we grew the business by 30% last year as a result.

    Volsen Ltd
  • I'm a great believer in coaching and I'm a great believer in James. An external coach can offer you the one thing you can't do for yourself; to look at your world from the outside in. If you're considering hiring a coach I would highly recommend that you do so. James is a great guy, he is a man of integrity and a man of his word and I trust him 100%.

    Intergage Ltd
  • To anyone considering using James as your coach - you've got to give it a go! Once you've had one or two sessions with him you'll realise it's the way forward.

    LT Brookes
  • Had we not taken the steps to take James on, we certainly wouldn't have grown the way we have done. Within 2 - 3 sessions we started to get some positive outcomes; the business will thrive through James' input. He's a very knowledgeable, pragmatic and very positive person.

    Such Salinger Peters

    Katapult MarketingHome